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I was suffering from chronic headaches, joint pain and rashes that lasted for over one year. No doctor could pinpoint what the problem was, although one alternative health care provider indicated the symptoms might be related to a “resurgent” viral infection dormant since childhood. I tried a lot of different therapies, but the raindrop therapy through The Healing Temple proved to be the best. Since starting the therapy about 10 months ago, I’ve been pretty much symptom free. Thank you!

Don / Middletown, MD

When my husband and I decided we wanted to start a family our major concern was the medication that I was on for my RA. None of the medications that I was taking were safe during pregnancy or for a period of time prior to trying to conceive. I began routine treatments (massage, rain drop therapy and essential oils) with Illeana/The Healing Temple for RA flare ups and management prior to conceiving and continued them throughout my pregnancy. She truly has been a miracle worker for me and our new family! Thank You!

Amy / Urbana, MD

I started seeing Illeana in 2012 for Ayurvedic consultations and treatments. She has been a wealth of knowledge who has helped me transition into a healthier lifestyle at my own pace. It is a joy to visit her for our consultations and treatments, and I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed with a positive, healthy outlook. I would highly recommend Illeana if you are looking for massage treatment or an Ayurvedic consult.

Larissa / Middletown, MD

With this body detox program completed — the 5-day Panchakarma — I feel a big improvement in my overall body energy and function. I don’t get that exhausted feeling and energetically, I have much more stable energy throughout the day.

My morning cup of coffee used to take my energy up and down, now it is consistent throughout the day without caffeine. The caffeine withdrawal headaches were nasty but necessary to get to this new place.

To my surprise it affected me not only physically but mentally as well which I wasn’t aware of. It is said that the “issues are in the tissues” and they definitely came out. I was irritated easily and over-reacted to life in general but that is no longer the case and I still feel quite relaxed.

I carried a lot of tension in my face and upper shoulders and the daily massages relaxed me very dramatically, my whole body’s circulation improved and my face looks uplifted and glowing.

One additional treatment, nasya opened my sinuses and nasal passages that I didn’t even realize were clogged. I still breathe clearly through the nose and continue with the netti pot regularly to keep the pathways opened. Another treatment called Shirodhara was unbelievably relaxing and calming for my busy mind. It settled the constant thinking mind and profoundly relaxed my nerves.

Illeana’s warm hearted care gave my experience of panchakarma a very positive and secure holding environment. No doctor or drug could have ever brought about the dramatic changes I have felt and it still continues. I would highly recommend this process to prevent the disease process from taking hold in your body and to revitalize oneself on all levels!

Marilyn Olson / RYT

Brilliant, compassionate, committed – three words that come instantly to mind when I think of Illeana. She is definitely a healer – a powerful yet gentle one. I first met her in 2004 with back pain so severe I could barely get on the massage table. Illeana immediately knew which techniques were appropriate (even though we had spoken on the phone & were considering something different). My body responded wonderfully & 80% of the pain went away. I had another session a few days later & we added a facial. My daughter exclaimed when she picked me up – “Wow, Mom. You look ten years younger.” (Perhaps if I had lived in the area my story would be different & I could have avoided surgeries altogether.) Thereafter I made my appointments with Ileana when I made plane reservations to visit my daughter & grandchildren there in Frederick. I remember my first Marma Therapy with her to this day as a divine healing experience for body & soul. I experienced a long lasting deep peace & feeling of the utmost security & well being. Even though I live in Oregon, Ileana & I have kept in touch throughout these last 10 years. We recently got together in Virginia & I casually mentioned a digestion problem. She told me an easy Ayurvedic health remedy which is quite simple & works for me. I marvel at the depth of interest & knowledge Illeana has continued to show in her healing arts.
I wish her well always & expect to go with her on more fascinating healing journeys toward optimal mental, physical & spiritual health.

Alexandra Arnold / Lake Oswego, OR