Dough Bastis: A dough dam will be built and placed on the lower back (katti basti), on the chest (uro basti), or over the eyes (netra basti) and medicated herbal oils/ghee will be poured inside the dam and held there for up to 25 min. The lower back basti are therapies that cure muscle spasms, and lower spine rigidity. They strengthen the bone tissue of the lower back. The chest basti is a therapy that strengthens the heart and reduces sternum pain. The netra basti relieves tension in the eye sockets that may lead to loss of vision, pain, fatigue, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, cornea inflammation, sunken eyes, cross-eye, night blindness. Further it nourishes the nervous system, brain, memory, and develops one’s linguistic abilities. It makes the eyes lustrous, removes wrinkles, improves complexion, reduces physical tension.Learn more about Ayurvedic treatments here.