Body Scrubs and Packs with the Use of Aromatherapy

Just like face packs or masks the body packs remove impurities an improve skin texture providing a good toning treatment, even slimming. They are very easy to do at home and the essential oils are perfect ingredients to use both because of their incontestable therapeutic value and because of their beautiful aromatic qualities.

Clay is a great absorbent, acting like a magnet to all toxins and debris in the skin. Over the lace you will lie down on with plastic. Mix around 7 oz green or white clay with enough water to make a paste of the consistency of yogurt. In another bowl mix well the yolk of an egg with 10 drops of essential oil. Use lemon or grapefruit to remove impurities, lavender to relax , or rosemary for stimulation. Then mix this well into the clay paste and smooth it all over your body. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and sponge it off with warm water. You can now soak in a bath with essential oils or simply shower. Ideally you follow with a massage oil.

Body scrubs are also easy to do at home. They are designed to remove dead skin cells, allowing the new skin to be exposed, giving the skin improved color and texture. The base is one handful of almond meal and one of ground oatmeal. To this mix you can add 2-4 drops each of sandalwood essential oil and evening primrose for dry skin; or 2-4 drops each of rosemary and lavender for oily skin; or 2-4 drops each  thyme oil and lemon oil for blemished skin. make the mix into a paste which you then rub all over your skin paying more attention to knees, elbows, heels. Rinse off in the shower or bath and then use a body oil. Enjoy!