Ayurvedic Best Medicine: DEVOTION

Devotion is considered the major healing practice in Ayurveda, because it is only through devotional meditations and prayer (sadhana) prescribed by one’s spiritual teacher or guru that karmic diseases can be erased and one can merge with his/hers beloved form of God. For spiritual healing, a personal or devotional approach is of paramount importance.

Faith develops Self-Worth. The highest form of Self-Worth is Self Realization, meaning that the Self is Divine. This is an essential tool that prevents  the mind from developing intellectual errors. To commit an intellectual error means to doubt one’s true Self and results in seeing objects as eternal. It is through devotion and attention to the eternal Divine state of life that one heals and prevents disease ultimately developing Self-Realization.

The scriptures say there are three aspects of knowing the truth: the words of a guru, the words of the scripture and the experiences of the student. It is only when all these criteria are met that one feels confident that something is true. It is in this state that one sees all as themselves. The Divine Self is all that exists. No separation exists and no cause for longing or wanting can arise. When longing cease to be, no disease or suffering can develop.

Suffering only appears from seeing something separate from oneself and wishing to make it yours. sadness arises because one misses that from which they believe they are separated. Once the veil of illusion dissipates and we can see through, the cause of suffering vanishes.

This is the Vedantic purpose of life and the Ayurvedic one as well.

Therefore following one’s personal spiritual path is the best Ayurvedic medicine.